The Gates Are Open

from by Burial Choir



The gates are open

And the choir for the iconoclast sings a hymn
Through a thousand tongues, with a feverish passion
For the everlasting raging fires, reaching the crumbling skyline
Embracing the falling world

The foundations rumble and the icons bleed
Stigmatas unnailed, deceived and bereaved
Through the flesh of an iconoclast

Towards the all-eating, eternal flames
Silencing the hopeless woes
Throught the current of glowing ashes
And the brimstone winds

Eternal hunger of enlightenment - The gates are open
Now feast with its knowledge - The gates are open
Become the flames, become the fire - The gates are open
And embrace the flesh of a fallen god - The gates are open

The old snakes descend and the altars bleed
The ouroborous of death spreading its seed

Behold the screaming horns reaching the horizon
And hear its endless lamentations
The endless tidal waves arising from the abyss
Hungering the monuments and tearing them down

See the falling walls of flesh, feel the hungering flames
And see the ropes waiting in the rotten old gallows
Above the coal-blackened forgotten graves

The gates are open

So embrace the flesh of a fallen god
And feast with its knowledge
Become the flames, become the fire

The gates are open


from Iconoclast, released August 27, 2016



all rights reserved


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